[-empyre-] thanx, April topics and announcements.

>> empyre thanx all our guest who have so generously  contributed to the
discussion of aesthetic, technical and conceptual aspects of 3d web art,
inspired by the Web3dart2002 , including curator Kathy Rae Huffman, with
Taylor Nuttall : and show artists Tamiko Thiel, ; Zvonimir Bakotin, Jaka
Zeleznikar, Ricardo Barreto, Melinda Rackham, John Klima, Patrick Keller
/Fabric, Leander Seige, Anthony Rowe /Squidsoup, Dimitar Karanikolov, Sofie
Rédelé, and Petko Dourmana; and Nick Polys from the Web3d2002 Symposium.

>> thanx as well to our regualr list members who have made this a lively
topic - if you have any burning issues still to post on web 3d Art , do it
Now as April brings two new Guests with two very different topics of
relavence to new media arts:

>>early april:
Antoanetta Ivanova , producer and curator of new media projects and events,
is originally from Bulgaria and currently Director of novamedia | arts - a
Melbourne based company dedicated to the management, development, promotion
and distribution of new media arts content, and recently employed by Viscopy
http://www.viscopy.com.au/.  Antoanetta will introduce a series of
discussion topics on emerging copyright issues in new media arts.

>>late april:
Patrick Lichty http://www.voyd.com/ is an artist, writer, and curator who
works with experimental forms of  technological media. His last major work,
Sprawl: The American Landscape in Transition continues exhibition at the
Smithsonian American Art Museum. Patrick will discuss, amongst other things,
his just released 8bit wrist Cam movie investigating alien abductions; and
his (re)distributions international PDA art curatorial project, focusing on
PDA, wearable, and hand-held art.

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