[-empyre-] thankyou and coming up....

+ -empyre- would  like to thank Antoanetta for highlighting the ways in
which Copyrite law is applicable to net.artists and online practice, and
spurring discussion which included the rights of online artists and selling
net.art. Thanx also to everyone who posted on these topics.

+Coming up around May 10 is Patrick Lichty discussing his many faceted
practice including wearable, handheld and pda art and his new wristcam video
on alien abduction.

+As this list is an experiment as to what works well for discussion -empyre-
will be trialing a different  format in June and July with two guests per
month who have a thematic and/0r geographic link -
---> the threads of public/private space which have been touched upon this
month will be picked up in June with Jill Walker and Adrian Miles from
Melbourne.au and Bergen.no discussing hypertext, bloggs and interactive
video loggs.
---> in July  Valérie Lamontagne and Sylvie Parent, both curators and
critics from Montreal.ca will discuss  both  their personal practices and
current research as well as their separate and collaborative projects which
promote net.art practice and net.artists originating outside the US/European

+ More info and links available


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