[-empyre-] internet 3d & desktop 3d

Hello all,

As the "3d web" grows in content and usage, fueled by the efforts of
fun folks like those on this list (most of the strong vrml thinkers are
here anyway:) and with the development of apps like Leanders tdfsb
(three dimensional file system browser, right Leander?) and suites like
3dwm http://www.3dwm.org , it only makes sense to me that these efforts
should, in their design, do everything possible to make a smooth flow
between local 3d interfaced applications and vrml works distributed
across the internet, essentially providing a seamless transition
between a local 3d application and the internet resources it will
access, such as perhaps documentation, user group data streams (mailing
lists, news groups, etc.) and source code repositories.  The 3d
interface is the canvas we paint, so why should it not be elegant both
in its appearance and in its fuctionality.

peace in the golden fleece,

Download mersal and add me as a friend :) 

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