[-empyre-] crowds and copyright


>so presumably you could webcast anything 
public? is this right antoanetta?
>adrian m

the short answer is  'yes'

In my experience of working with legales who need 
to deal with such issues in order to establish 
where the ?right? and the ?wrong? lays, if in doubt 
they will in fact refer/ relate  the issue  to existing 
models and regulations such as film media in 
order to determine who to proceed.

from another point of view

the internet allows for the transmition of 
information that may not otherwise make it through 
to the front lines of main stream news - such as 
hacktivist couverage of local events, riots, 
demonstations etc ( the case with the Balkans, 
Indonesia, Genoa...) in which case, and this is only 
my view human rights overwrite copyright....

but that is a whole new discussion.




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