Re: [-empyre-] internet 3d & desktop 3d

Hmmm, you mean you are all not yet using holographic neural projection crystals? For shame... 

>>> 05/05/02 10:39 AM >>>
scott wrote:

 > should, in their design, do everything possible to make a smooth flow
 > between local 3d interfaced applications and[...] works distributed
 > across the internet, essentially providing a seamless transition
 > between a local 3d application and the internet resources it will
 > access [...]  The 3d interface is the canvas we paint, so why should it
 > not be elegant both in its appearance and in its fuctionality.

>so how should a 3D desktop "look and feel" to the user?
>what functionality does it require?
>and what forms follow from those functions?

how do you want to interact with your system today? what functionality do you desire? what "skin/form" metaphore most appeals to your sensibilities?

Personally I would prefer to switch between 1D-4D environments (text, graphic, video and virtual) when required. The form would depend on what I'm doing... a creative world, a coding world, a net world... or use "3d" for everything... read your email on a field daisies whose colours change like pixels.

Concepts such as windows and gateways are powerful tools in viewing data and allowing navigation...

to me, a head tracking device, speech recognition and/or a kind of dataglove input device would almost be manditory, although you might freak people out a little if this was on a laptop in a cafe... especially if you were playing quake :)

Your "homesite" will have a new meaning...
it looks / feels exactly how you imagined it!

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