Re: [-empyre-] internet 3d & desktop 3d

On Sat, 4 May 2002 20:27:18 -0400
 Jeff Sonstein <> wrote:
> scott wrote:
> > should, in their design, do everything possible to make a smooth
> flow
>  >between local 3d interfaced applications and[...] works distributed
>  >across the internet, essentially providing a seamless transition
>  >between a local 3d application and the internet resources it will
>  >access [...]  The 3d interface is the canvas we paint, so why
> should it
>  >not be elegant both in its appearance and in its fuctionality.
> so
> how should a 3D desktop "look and feel" to the user?

with my twisted imagination it would probably look like some dali-esqe

> what functionality does it require?

what would you expect out of outer systems... what do you want out of

> and what forms follow from those functions?

> I suspect this list might have some interesting answers
> to those basic questions

I was hoping to stir up a bit of that:)

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