Re: [-empyre-] machine is a rather nasty white supremist site..(the given
address is slightly wrong  -but i'm not gonna put an easy link to the
correct one here)  it is set out in the same way as the starwars one..

but i actually don't necessarily think it is a spooff site
it  reads more like a white supremist clone..
with lines like "Hail Ian Stuart !"

im wondering why you asked this question mike ?


> I thought was pretty boring so i don't think
> got much to say about it. This: didn't exist for
> me...
> as for online satire, i think it's so easy to satirize corporate websites;
> it works like a dream. My collaborator and I did this with
> The trick is to get people interacting with
> so we did a lot of action scripting.
> I think you've got to choose your subject matter, find something that
> the information system ... Like Swift chose the political pamphlet as the
> medium of his satire and it worked perfectly ... but that comment is
> possibly not limited to satire.
> cheers, geniwate

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