Re: [-empyre-] machine

On Mon, 13 May 2002 18:36:04 +1000 empyre-admin 
<> wrote: is a rather nasty white supremist 
but i actually don't necessarily think it is a spooff site
it  reads more like a white supremist clone..
im wondering why you asked this question mike ?

Then Michael (not the Mike who posted originally) 

For it to be a decent spoof, the original would have to 
be known to enough people to make the connection 
recognizable. Parodying Amazon, CNNfn, or the 
Republican National Committee would be clear to most 
of the intended audience. The only people who will 
recognize this "joke" are patrons of the original site.  
This makes me wonder why someone would even 
bother to build such a thing... If it is a spoof, and not a 
suppourting site, the author needs to be a little more 
in-your-face about it...

Frankly, the original is such a pathetic farce of "human 
thought" that it is more of a spoof on itself than the 
intentional spoof.


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