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Hi Scott,
I noticed and extensively tested 3dwm a while ago, but
always failed to see the point. I don't have much time
to elaborate now, but I always felt stongly that 3D
interfaces can be justified only (and I stress
**only**) if they add some depth. Which means not just
the obvious third dimension, but also:
- more information
- better understanding
- more sense
Value, in one word. With VERY FEW excpetions, none of
the applications of 3D I'm come across so far
(including mine :-) lacked one or more of the above
aspects. All of them in my opinion failed to address
one of the biggest unsolved issues: accessibility. If
I give a demo of my 3D works people go crazy zith
excitement (constant) as long as I don't hand them the
mouse and ask to give it a go for themselves: they are
scared to death to try (constant).

The other day one editor of Create Online called me
for an interview (as he does every once in a while)
about the status of 3D on the web after the release of
Plasma and other tools from Alias. I didn't know what
to say, really, or how to contrast his opinion that 3D
is just good for games. Sad. When I pitch for work I
still show my 3D examples, but more like childs play.
No one would really be seriously consider going down
the route of the Science Museum Wellcome Wind, would
they? Intel (that used to be our main sponsor) also
pulled the plug on 3D on the web, at least on the
content side. Blaxxun have gone, ParallelGraphics are
concentrating themselves on Virtual Manuals (which I
admit makes some sense, but I had to resign from being
their Creative Director as I found it frankly quite
boring). Has anyone seen anything meaningful on
Shockwave3D? Maybe I didn't pay a lot of attention,
but I failed to, apart form gimmicky demos. Ah, also
okupi have gone and I'm not sure what Lunatics are

Perhaps I'm too impatient, but I spend the last 3
years in this business and we always attributed the
lack of widespread 3D interfaces to bandwith and
computer power. Bollock, honestly. The average Flash
movie is never less that 200k while the 3D Science
Museum is 170... The problems in my opinion are
different and have more to do with purpose,
availability, play, storytelling, USABILITY,
USABILITY, USABILITY. I'll never be a great fan of Mr
Nielsen, but I'm not interested in doing super cool
things for an audience of 20 people either :-)



 --- wrote: > On Tue, 07 May
2002 14:37:41 +1000
>  "Damien Everett" <>
> wrote:
> > Hmmm, you mean you are all not yet using
> holographic neural
> > projection crystals? For shame... 
> ive been dreaming of the hologram/room interface for
> some time:)
> > Personally I would prefer to switch between 1D-4D
> environments (text,
> > graphic, video and virtual) when required. The
> form would depend on
> > what I'm doing... a creative world, a coding
> world, a net world... or
> > use "3d" for everything... read your email on a
> field daisies whose
> > colours change like pixels.
> > 
> perhaps all forms of previously concieved interfaces
> accessable from
> the 3d interface as well... gnome windows textured
> on floating
> geometry, a text shell that follows the user
> perspective, etc... 
> i agree with easily changeable interfaces also, for
> different purposes
> Scott
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> continent like the
> summer wind
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