[-empyre-] Re: net.art and 3d on PDAs

patrick , re 3d and your opening remarks..

im wondering what else ther is besides the anthropic principle... ?
if we as humans are using the works on handheld devices - it is still a sort
of technical schema that we are looking at even if it is in 3d.. as its
isn't even face sized.. or huge and
immersive, its a very concentarted focus on a different way of
representation (im not trying to get into that "what is immersion"
discussion again..) . so whats wrong with having it be 3dimensional.. ?
maybe its like sound -you can have mono stereo or surround..all deliver the
info ..its just which format is preferable..

i  have been trying to view greg littles 3d VRML piece.. but dont have the
right platform (only Palm OS)
so i see that platform issues are rampant in this arena..sort of like
net.art but maginified 3 fold .. with HTML at least you often get something
on most browsers, rather than not being able to view at all..
a few other considerations --  i know that when ive downloaded or been
beamed text
info or art on my Palm i am a little more cautious about this format than
web art.. im also wondering if there are plam viruses.. as ive has a few
nasty stystem meltdowns after getting stuff from other people - then
loosing it again.

 in fact ive found PDA art for me to be far more transitory than net.art
.. but there is also some lovely sense of intimacy when i have been given
(beamed) pieces of art , its hand to hand rtaher than anonymous impersonal
data download ..9thereia also some rather conspiratorial about beaming info
or artsworks to someone else in a hotel hallway or having coffee..
etcetc,.and i have a delightful  a sense of regret that i have enjoyed them
for a few days/weeks them lost them again...
 i guess redistributions makes pda art a more permanent and accessable
in a gallery situation do you have the devices availabelto be used by
viewers.. which iwould be more fun than sitting at a moniter..

also the section on nomadic devices is great - nomadic is a term which i
much more than mobile..and some fo those works are fabulous..like the
fabulous graffiti writer http://www.voyd.com/ia/nomadsiaa.htm which i've
seen in action..
re your essay is there a pdf..?

> The interesting thing here is that many are trying to take 3D into
> Take ParallelGraphics' Cortona browser - it supports VRML97 native to it,
> and also allows for C entensions for the API.  Therefore, there are people
> out there who believe that 3d is a primal form of communication and has
> implications in nearly every platform we try to construct.  However, I
> wonder whether there is any reason for this beyond the anthropic

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