Re: [-empyre-] A few opening remarks.

> Also, with the nascent nature of this field of art, is there any hope of
> curatorial presentation, and how can this work be shown in traditional
> spaces, or is that anaethema to the nature of the device, and how does that
> affect institutional agendas (mainly museums)?

hello Patrick Lichty and list members

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many interesting works in your
(re)distributions PDA/IA art exhibition. I got interested in mobile
technologies (or nomadic) a couple of years ago but didn't expect such a
wide range of projects. The exhibition was very stimulating.

This field of art is still new and the task of the curator, I guess, in
such a case, 
might be to gather "the best of" and share some thoughts, outline the
Until there are more art projects to focus on a theme. But the situation
might change fast.

Again, not many artists work in this field now. I can't think of any
artist owning a PDA here in Quebec/Canada... Such devices as PDAs have
not quite infiltrated mass culture here, are still mainly used by
business people. Now, the situation seems to be very different from one
country to another. 

On the other hand, the use of cellphones for artist's projects seems
more common. 
Specially in Europe, where most people have a cellphone, because it
costs more or less the same as a residential phone. Some artists, among
them net.artists of the first era, are involved in haiku like messaging
with the SMS.  But this kind of creation is difficult to document and to
show on the web.

I am very curious about the situation in Japan and elsewhere in the

Sylvie Parent


L'autre monde/Out of this World

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