Re: [-empyre-] A few opening remarks.

> This field of art is still new and the task of the curator, I guess, in
> such a case,
> might be to gather "the best of" and share some thoughts, outline the
> situation.
> Until there are more art projects to focus on a theme. But the situation
> might change fast.

The fact that the genre was so nascent and that a focused body of work could
not be obtained easily caused the focus of the show to shift from more
tactical interventions such as the "Child as Audience" piece by Hactivist
and "GraffitiWriter" by IAA to a more generalist approach.

The title, "PDA/IA/Nomadic Art as Cultural Intervention" had to be revised
to posit that the use of such devices in themselves as creative platforms
was a form of intervention in itself.  Admittedly, this is partly an out for
myself when I found that my focus could not be fulfilled out and part
realization that the focus was intrinsic to the initial series of works.

There are more works being created nowadays, and there is even a project
called the Wireless Initiative being done by Creative Time in NYC that
includes a database of wireless, PDA and IA works.  I am still learning
about this projects.

What I had hoped to do was to create a venue in which this work coudl be
introduced to the greater public.

Thanks for the comment, Sylvie.

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