RE: [-empyre-] Re: and 3d on PDAs

Melinda et all:

My 3D palm piece is straight vrml, you can view it on your Desktop with any
VRML browser.  Is Pocket Cortona only supported by Windows OS (CE and for
Pockets?  It is not entirely clear from the website, but I was not aware of
this limitation.  I should be, and have a call into Parallelgraphics.  I
will report back with an answer as soon as I have one.

I am satisfied with the piece, it may be the first 3D artwork for a PDA; (I
am always careful of such claims, Lachlan, my first VRML artwork online was
in 1996, my second and third in 1997, and from January-May of 1997 I taught
a group of 15 artstudents VRML.  They posted work on the Oberlin College
Website in April and May of 1997.  I think there were other art pieces done
in VRML in 1996).  To be first is not so relevant; I  feel that my PDA piece
needs more depth of interaction, and will be creating a new version this
summer.  I had initially intended the work to be sort of serial in nature,
adding a new iteration or episode every couple weeks for download, to form a
narrative of sorts, but my time and the nature of the show did not allow for
that.  I will say that it is utterly challenging and in many ways refreshing
to create a piece that is 50K in size, especially when much of my VR work is
created for large simulators (CAVE and HEMISPHERIUM), and can go well over
50Megs compressed.

There was a piece created in the late 80's, I think it was called chameleon
(I will have to check my research materials) that used a hand-held screen
tied into an Onyx.  The screen had a tracker attached, and acted like a
small window into a very large 3D world, moving the screen around let you
see into different parts of the world.  There was always the sense that the
world was so much bigger that the screen, that the world continued outside
the boundaries of the screen. Very reminiscent of Robert Smithson's Mirror

I apologize for my absence from this list, I have been lurking, busy beyond
my capacities to respond; but now I have more time and will be more present.
I have lots of built up responses, the past issues surrounding immersion,
wetness, avatar manifesto, etc still on the tips of my fingers.  These have
been very fascinating conversations.


Gregory Little
Visiting Assistant Professor
Digital Arts Division
Bowling Green State University

Visiting Artist/Researcher
The Innovation and Virtual Reality Centre
The University of Teesside, UK

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