Re: [-empyre-] A few opening remarks.

, not many artists work in this field now. I can't think of any
> artist owning a PDA here in Quebec/Canada... Such devices as PDAs have
> not quite infiltrated mass culture here, are still mainly used by
> business people. Now, the situation seems to be very different from one
> country to another.

there was a big uptake of palms/visors in australia.. about 1/2 the
net.artists or people working in the arts i know have one, the pc operating
system based ones are more the business application .. tho i must admit i
need to update and i'm thinking the image quality screen resolution and
writting recognition seem much more sophisticated on the pc handhelds..

in that techno lust way was looking at the bigger screen e-phone the other
day with video net mobile wap etc .. everything you think you could ever
want in one littel device..and i guess it wont be long untill we all need
one of those as well ..

patrick ill ask again reaccessability....are ther plans to show this in a
gallery situation..or is that totally not the point..?


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