Re: [-empyre-] A few opening remarks.

> patrick ill ask again reaccessability....are ther plans to show this in a
> gallery situation..or is that totally not the point..?

There is currently a possibility in Linz, Austria, and I also think that
there are possibilities for physical shows that aren't necessarily the exact
lineup currently in the show.  The ideal model would be a travelling show
consisting of the latest lusty little bits on off-the shelf equipment.

However, the original idea was that the show was concieved around not being
actually part of the Web, nor in a gallery.  It expanded from my having
problematized the institution, to the physical gallery, and in the case of
(re), suggested at problematizing the Web itself as a curatorial space.  The
ideal was that the Web was only the conduit, and the handheld became the
personal gallery that one could have with them at all times.

Therefore, although there are discussions about a gallery installation, this
is somewhat against the idea of the show.

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