[-empyre-] speaking to the converted

When I referred to artists who prefer to use paper and not buy a PDA, I am
talking about artists who don't necessarily make or produce digital art,
artists who don't even own a mobile phone, artists who still paint and
draw, architects who haven't yet converted to CAD, engineers who still sit
at a drafting table with pen and paper, lawyers who do have PDAs but don't
give a shit about anything (and don't even know what an installation is),
accountants whose only concern is that the black numbers outweigh the red
and think design is something frivolous or something to put in the foyer of
their building.

It's unnecessary to convert the converted. If the issue is getting our work
looked at by as many people as possible, then we have to speak to the
unconverted. Making work for those who are already more inclined to pay
attention is like selling sin to the devil.

My concern has never been to make anything that thrills my peers but to
speak to people who may not actually have thought of listening before.
That's the challenge.


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