Re: [-empyre-] Re: corporate divisive PDAs

> As one who might be considered part of the 'flash generation' (actually I
> tech, standards, software, etc.  So people tend to find something that
> works and run with it for a while.  It's kind of unfortunate but to dig
> too deeply into analysis of the medium is to stand still and be outmoded.
> Your laser disc is now collecting dust in the antique store of dead media.

what is a lazer disc?
maybe we didnt have them in australia :)

>   Secondly, I think a lot of my generation of artists feel a bit
> bludgeoned by theory.  I must admit that I was a bit intimidated by the

wierd how it works..
once the art just stood for itself,  but i think specially in media there is
this increased need to have to write about or stand up and speak about your
work within a thoretical framework,  art+thoery =product . perhaps its
inflation..? perhaps its a reaction to inflation?

was talking to someoen yesterday about how Eryk Salvaggion identified the
major trends in media art his six rules towards a new
internet art posted at rhizome a while ago..
1. No Flash
2. No introduction pages
3. No more art for the sake of error
4. Images must be unique to the sitemaker
5. Technology is not a subject; the Internet is not a subject
6. The work stands alone

what exactly is left..?

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