Re: [-empyre-] what is a work of art

>hail empyre

does a work of art become mediated by it's medium,if we are to comment on the
latest manifestation of digital art ,ie pda wap and mobiles should we give
ourselves special criteria and judge by these or should just say it's good art.
what is good art
what is bad art

i can only judge it  by the standards which i look at all art.

some of these are
does it stand up to repeated viewing ,do i find something new in it each time.
does it display  more than one level of meaning
is it of it's time,aware of it's routes,yet pushing the envelope
does it speak to it's makers moral or ethical position
is it just propaganda
does it have a sense of humour,irony or satire
does it have mystery,instil a sense of wonder
does it adress the possiblity of change,could it tranform my world view.

as you can see an absurd set of demands for an art work yet that is what i hope
for and expect.a big order for a new art form,i'm a bit dissappointed by the
seeming everest complex developing in this area.the importance of being first to
develop an art work for the endless stream of new communication devises which
will go on forever. Yes the medium is the message,but that doesn't make it art.

thats how i feel today anyway


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