[-empyre-] -empyre- bids farewell to October's guests from the E-Lounge

-empyre- would like to thank Lea Deschamps, the curator and new media
artist, whose work with the online  e-lounge at the Atlantic Cultural Space
Conference, Moncton, New Brunswick Canada in May 2002 prompted this month's
discussion with the participatig e-lounge artists, about  relational
aesthetics and semiotics of net based art in context of cultural

  Special thanks to Gair,  Randy Knott, Ron Gervais of - I am static
(Canada); Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas -Wireless technology (Canada);
Saoirse Higgins of the MIT media lab, (Ireland-USA); and Clemente Padin -
Mail art, Poetry and artivism (Uruguay).

Lea's observations on timebased poetry in Flash threads into the space of
virtual construction, where semiotic codes create realities..a film grain
and a grain of the voice.

Our discussion opens for November with Joseph Nechvatal and Virtual

Join us at --empyre forum--  <http://www.subtle.net/empyre>

Lea Deschamps:   lmdk@nbnet.nb.ca
Gair    http://www.gairspace.org.uk
Randy Knott and Ron Gervais     http://www.iamstatic.com
Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas   http://www.wearegettingcloser.com
Saoirse Higgins   http://www.stunned.org/arthouse/Artistic/webshows.asp.htm
Clemente Padin    http://www.eale.hpg.ig.com.br/ppi/001.htm

     -empyre-      http://www.subtle.net/empyre
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