[-empyre-] Thank you Melinda, Christina and October guests

Merci to Empyre facilitators Melinda and Christina
and to special guests Gair, Valerie LeBlanc, Daniel Dugas, Clemente Padin, Randy Knott, Saoirse Higgins, Mark Kristmanson and to all contributors to the October forum,

Thank you for your many insights. As I have mentioned earlier Proceedings of the Atlantic Cultural Space are scheduled for publication in the next few months. An insert regarding the e-lounge new media event will focus on the problematics of relational aesthetics and geographies. Your input on Empyre allowed for interstices that challenged aesthetic normalcy and curatorial as well as spectatorship accountability. Your subtle unorthodox manner of coming aboard and of infiltrating (the) Empyre brought into question the reiteration of quite an array of current buzz words and binarisms. Some of these operate deep at the core of self-policing or policing art practices, and some I think may have been suspended here and historicized as indexical. Regarding the latter, I will soon be forwarding you drafts for comments prior to the publication.

So more to come, from elsewhere to elsewhere.


Lea Deschamps

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