[-empyre-] Dr. Nechvatal

Dear Dr. Nechvatal,
Thank you for the stimulating  and challenging introduction. I have read the first two parts through (with the help of a dictionary). I ask you the following questions to clarify my understanding.
1. Is it accurate to say that "viractualism" is a reaction to and resistance to the blending of the virtual and actual taking place in the ordinary world around us?
2. What are examples of the things you call "privileged logos" and the "logocentric individual?"
3. What are the "conformisms' that you see as "about to overpower" the art tradition?
4. Would it be accurate to say you are trying to use digital technology and mathematical science to.
give painting qualities that maintain its importance and relevance as an art form in the contemporary world?
5. Are you proposing immersive art as a cure for immersive (informationally overwhelming) technology? If so, how does the audience know when it is immersed in art rather than reality as altered by corporations or governments?
6. Aside from the sheer enormity of the material that digital reductionism opens to manipulation, if we look at it from the artist's viewpoint, how does this differ from the universe of possibility open to the aboriginal potter who begins work with  a lump of completely malleable material? In other words, please clarify your understanding of the special situation or predicament facing the artist in present conditions.
Biographical Note: I call myself an artist and inventor living and working in New York City. I have done one computer-generated work called NewZoid. I intend to do more. Because the things I want to do take me a year or two to write the lexical data base I can't produce much. I have one "academic" qualification in this area - a B in the Design and Personality course given by Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts. Prior to that I worked as a lawyer in an obscure specialty. I spend most of my time doing six things, eating, sleeping, admiring NewZoid, promoting it, surfing the Web and working on my new projects.
Thank you for putting your art and philosophy on the table.
Best Wishes,
Daniel Young

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