[-empyre-] god gendered viractualism

Dear Joseph et al

In the viractual mechanomorphic operation, the paradoxically simultaneous
> experiences of sex, death and immortality that is fundamental to Western
> religious practice is laid bare into a post-flesh art by virtue of a
> relocation of body/machine/consciousness. That such a semi-programmable
> philosophy engages our contemporary fixations today is not remarkable.

I am thoroughtly enjoying your mega descriptions of intricate concepts.
This paragraph sparked something off for me and I am interested to know your
thoughts on
the influence of eastern philosophy and religious practice on the emergence
and practice
of viractualism. Within the realms of viral consciousness could it be that
the move away from
an externalised and specifically gendered god in western thought (or even
the  existentialist lack,
as an indicator of persistant duality), has only made possible by the
introduction of a catalyst to
bring about the `egreore`.

Could it be that the explorations by western artists, musicians and
philosophers in the 60's, infected western conciousness to the extent that
an actualised mechanism arose to realise this (the advent of digital

When you speak about the simultaneous multilocation and self projections
which are made possible by viractualism, do you see a simularity with this
and eastern ideas of self transcendence and god like qualities (I am
speaking most specifically about vedic concepts), where the god and self are
potentially the same (entrainment as possibility), where paradox resides
comfortably alongside placeless and timeless existence, and the essence of
these things are found by both reflection and self observation - objectivity
and a separation between cognitive reality ( actualism ) and a more constant
omnipresent reality ( virtualism).

Look forward to your reply

Angela Main

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