RE: [-empyre-] response to Angela and bye bye

>From: "Gregory Little" <>

>Joseph wrote:

>Hi Gregory. Thanks for your warm words. I do think that you are simplifying
>my take on disembodiment though.

could well be, as I said, alarms go off, could be involuntary....but I will
reread your words and rethink it.

>For me there is a leaving and staying occurring simultaneously. But never
mind. Let?s >move on.

You have inspired me to read Roussel, I have heard his name a lot these last
few years.  Where would you suggest I start?
Very interesting that you bring him in, I have been reading and re-reading
Duchamp's "The Salt Seller", Linda Henderson's wonderful work on Duchamp,
and, by chance, saw a wonderful exhibition with many Duchamps in Toronto
this September.....the crazy machines...and, aside from all theory, I was so
struck by how beautifully, carefully crafted Duchamp's work is.  And his
section of the saltseller called "Texticles"!! sez it all.


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