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On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Gregory Little wrote:

> - By 2010, buildings unsupported by avatecture will seem lifeless and
> irrelevant, boring relics of pre-interactive construction. Auteur architects
> like Gehry and Koolhaas, for whom computers are mere desktop appliances,
> must descend into avatar or die as dinosaurs.
Way too early a date I think here -

> - A global 3-D operating system will support minor components in 2-D, just
> as black-and-white movies also appear on color televisions. Computer games
> will have converged with avatar worlds to exploit new advances in hardware
> and bandwidth.

Yes to the second, no to the first - first, all the tech's hardly in
place, and second new tech's vastly overrated - we still don't have HDTV
in the US even though the tech has been available for years. And 3d caves
are awkward and far too expensive.
> - The desktop metaphor expands into the world metaphor, with private worlds
> belonging to larger software universes of networked worlds with their
> distinct galaxies.
There's real resistance to this (I think thankfully, in terms of hacking
and privacy issues) vis-a-vis for example the Microsoft attempts at
implementing software updating and/or software on the Net...

> - Networked collaborative communication becomes the norm for business,
> commerce, and the arts.
Pretty much already so here!

- Alan (sorry for editing, but trying to keep the length down)

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