[-empyre-] Empty Power

Politics of the E/Liminated Minority

If the population of the world was 100 people, there might be 1 with a computer. Computers, though they are getting increasingly affordable, it is generally the (relatively) economically priveleged who can afford one. If the economically priveleged--those presumed to hold power--are reduced to liminal zombies, what hope is there for the world? 

Who holds the power now?

Arthur Kroker talks about in the postmodern world of broken, meaningless signs, that there is a power that cannot be attributed to any particular entity, rather, it is the ambient "will to will" (Nietzsche?).

Does this mean that the catastrophic situation of the world today is actually in a sick kind of equilibrium--frozen by a fascist internet media's grip on the bourgeois? It's a toilet-bowl philosophy of life--remove the problems from our immediate sight, and they cease to exist.

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