Re: [-empyre-] [-empyre-]:An Avatar Manifesto::final

Weird this avatar; it reminds me of the arguments about quota (I was on
the quota review board) at the post-modern moo at one point. Both quota
and avatar are thing/ness - disk-space, software-thing, i.e. @create
$thing called xyz - etc. - why _this_ instead of process, dissemination,
release -

think of _spam_ for example as spew - ephemeral, network-dependent, a
flooding or unfolding - exfoliation - then collapse/disappearance -

in other words, this seems bound to the ontology of objects - again I'm
thinking of tearing-away - breaking down the fabric of one's (local,
fragile) online presence -

would seem to me that manifesto wd. go there - into others - as in wave-
phenomena vs. particle -

Trace projects

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