Re: [-empyre-] Re:[-empyre-]:An Avatar Manifesto::final

Melinda Rackham wrote:
> j.klima:
> > and 99% of the 2.5 million players *want* to be george clooney or cindy
> > crawford, not a 12 legged robot.
> am i a social misfit...


and that is my point. it is not the cause of "kapital" that people are
un-creative.  people ARE un-creative. they ARE consumers. creative
people are the exception to the general rule of human nature.  even the
most conservative housewife, if she has a creative bone in her body,
will find an outlet for that creativity in the way she decorates her
home, hosts parties, etc... even she is an exception, as most people
simply buy what ever is available at wal-mart. its not wal-mart's fault.
if a human has even the smallest creative impulse, it finds an outlet.

> > but i could not stand
> > the idea of some high school kid from greenwhich connecticut running
> > around masquerading as bix redux. so yes it would have been like selling
> > my baby to the highest bidder, so i just killed her instead. hmmm.
> thats a good story im putting it in my thesis..

go ahead

> need a new term for  avatar termination....... **avaticide**

hows about "deletion"


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