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John wrote:
>people ARE un-creative. they ARE consumers.
>people are the exception to the general rule of human nature.

Boy, hate to say it, but that sure does sound like the artist in the
capitalist system speaking...Interesting, yes, within the capitalist system,
one of Kapital's means of survival is to proclaim that we are by nature
capitalists, to trick us into believing that capitalism is our nature.  It
is a convenient argument, the "nature trick", again, it is in Marx.
Obviously there are and have been cultures that were not...and here I am not
talking about barter, production, consumption, meeting our needs for
pleasure and survival; I am speaking about accumulation and  consumption for
its own sake.  I do not believe that is in our nature.  I believe that
creativity, toolmaking, language, survival of species, are in our nature, I
do not believe that "people ARE un-creative. that we "ARE consumers" by

>its not wal-mart's fault.

of course not, again, as I have tried to point out now on numerous
occasion's, it is no ones fault, again, the "absent cause".

Melinda, I love "avaticide", very funny!!

> need a new term for  avatar termination....... **avaticide**

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