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On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Gregory Little wrote:

> Alan wrote:
> >I think it might become more accurate to say that there are no sides,
> perhaps only mobius
> >flows -
> Actually, I like this...I think I get what you mean.  but what is an
> "nn/antiorp/etc"
> Greg
nn/antiorp/integer is an 'emanation' or group of people or woman, Netacha
Nevanovna, online, speaking a great deal on the syndicate list now, some-
times on 7-11 etc.

She's - if it is a she, no one is sure - is the software author of the
hacker software nato55, which is one of the online real-time premier video
editing/manipulation programs. The manual is written in her own
'language,' which like mez', owes somewhat to hackerese. She's been able
to keep her identity a secret; even some of the people I know who have
done work for her don't know who she is. When she speaks at a conference,
she appears as a young woman, but there have been a number of different
women, apparently, who speak in her guise.

I edited an issue of the American Book Review (ABR) on 'codework,' and a
few of the people focused on her work. I think in many ways she's the most
interesting person/a online -

You can probably find out more through google - Alan

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