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At 0624 20021001, -empyre-admin wrote:
> -empyre- would like to thank Hideki Nakazawa for his rigorous engagement
> with the issues of materiality, concept, intent and realisation of art forms
> in the stoic manner of Method for this month's AtlerForms forum.
> To remain up to date with the manifestations of art, poetry and sound from
> the Methodicist Manifesto as well as Hideki's activities  and exhibitions in
> the US over the coming year  you can subscribe to the bimonthly email
> bulletin 'Method' by contacting him at

Thank you to everyone,
I enjoyed very much and learend many things through the on-line 
talking at empyre in spite of my poor English.
Thank you again to the admin for inviting me as the guest here.

I am going to do two solo shows from October to November:
one is in NAGOYA, where the ISEA will be held, 
the other is in OSAKA, one hour by super express from NAGOYA.

Come and visit to my solo show as well when you come to the ISEA!
The info is below:


Hideki Nakazawa
Those who want to subscribe for the email bulletin "Method," 
free bimonthly, contact me at

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