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As prompted from:
"...the making sense not only of the juxtaposition of objects, but the other factor which is then added to that from the position of the viewer."
"We can escape from the prison of media-specificity...and
...the boundaries of new media curators"

- On juxtaposition - and the boundaries of new media curators-
These boundaries pre-figure in the process of individuation, the ergonomics,
the modes and platforms of reception of "new media or digital art". The restricted - restrictive points of views -one angle at a time are collected and bounded as intertextual and hybrid, Locked within chronological (time-based) collage or juxtaposition I would argue that these new media art-reconfigurations reiterate and perpetuate hierarchies (boundaries). Irony always luring.

Relational aesthetics point to social interstices - as you suggest "the individual viewer/experiencers'relation to the demotic, to slang, to minority knowledges becomes a live factor in the reception and the unknowability of result in the artists mind".
Could social interstices as such be habit forming or potentially recuperated and commodified to be "theoretically correct"?


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