[-empyre-] fwd: from christina - Relational geographies and commodifications

Hi all,

Lea wonders...

Relational aesthetics point to social interstices - as you suggest
"the individual viewer/experiencers' relation to the demotic, to
slang, to minority knowledges becomes a live factor in the reception
and the unknowability of result in the artists mind".
Could social interstices as such be habit forming or potentially
recuperated and commodified to be  "theoretically correct"?

Your question to gair held my attention just next to the experience of this
interactive poem of our guest Clemente Padin.

> http://www.eale.hpg.ig.com.br/ppi/001.htm

If  the interactive commodity of  Clemente's fake food (burgers) and fake
peace (pax with guns) be put through the sanitation routine, 'recuperated'
as in, sanitized, made sane, made 'healthy' how long can a stasis of
'correct' last, I think the moment must be infinitesimal because  dynqmic
icons like these connect to the human memories of suffering, violence,
hunger,  surely the demotic underground impulse towards irony,
declassification, unruliness, wildness never really goes away.. The
'correct' is perpetually undone...

May i suggest a thread through the idea of eating ....connecting with
Clemente's ironic live poem pan/pax: To the social geographies suggested in
his piece./the uruguayan experience of place within a hypperreal or 'fake'
commodities flux.


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