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To The Empyre.( );


Randy Knott- For those of you who don't know me, I'm a multi media =
artist now living and working in Toronto Ont. Where i  work in a =
corporate enviroment using a "computer". The computer at work is just a =
"computer" for the most part, and my computer at home is a "tool".  I =
have used the idea of the computer in two ways cause, this idea is what =
lead me to making digital art works. This all i'm going to say for =
now... I will pass on a link of my work so you can get to know me better =
based my visual language. During my talk within this empyre i will be =
posting new experiments and pieces that will be the basis of my =
writings. I would rather you got to know me threw my real language =

-1st- set of visual linkage

AreNot =3D Randy Knott;

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