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Dear friend,
                      I am sorry...I should travel regularly to the interior
of the Uruguay for my work and I have few time. You know, the economic
crisis here is terrible.

I made the SPAMS TRASHES because I was bored of receiving them without
soliciting. They are not, I think, for massive diffusion. They are very
critical and they express my point of view. My ideas are not the ideas of
the rest and I I don't want to bother to nobody with my thoughts about the
world or about the politics of Bush and Sharon.

But, you, my friend, could make the one which you want with them because the
SPAMS TRASHES no longer me belongs to. They are of public domain.

If you want to see all the SPAMS in English, you could find them in the
Regina´s website:

http://www.arteonline.arq.br/museu/home2.htm  (to get the "Spam's room",
press the pop up window with the logo of the museum and chose second floor,
spams ...).

Excuse my bad English, fraternal greetings,

 I wonder do you buy bulk email addresses and send this work out to
 them like any other spam, hoping that a tiny percentage of reipients
 will respond. Do you get responses and does that become part of the
 work.? If the general public does respond, do they realise it is
 political spam - or do you only send the work to artists, art
 organisations or tactical media organisations.

 Who is the audience?


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