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Enviado: Lunes, 21 de Octubre de 2002 12:04 a.m.
Asunto: RE: Padin´s answers

Hi Clemente,

 I have sent your e-mail to Empyre - your answer to Ben.

 About the English...
 the message comes across loud and clear...in fact I think it is very
 interesting the shifts and transformations that occur through
 translated engines.
 Maybe you can write in Spanish and we will use a translator engine...also.

talk to you later.. regards, Lea

Dear Lea,
                you are right...! Sometimes I used the Micro Tac Spanish
Assitent of Window. Really, it is my second voice. That  software speaks for
me and it puts words in my mouth that I had never planned to say.

In November I will introduce me in the Federal University of Porto Alegre
(the software translates Porto Alegre like "weather Happy"), one of the
capitals of Brazil, and I prepared a conference on INTERATION AND VIRTUAL
POETRY. There I express my thoughts in relationship to the topic of Empyre.
Do you want that I send you it? You could translate it and diffuse it
between the friends of the list.


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