[-empyre-] re: Jorge Luiz Antonio, Jim Andrews - relational poetry and semiotics

Hi Jorge Luiz and Jim Andrews

The work referenced in your posting "Brazilian Digital Art and Poetry on the web": http://www.vispo.com//misc/BrazilianDigitalPoetry.htm available through Jim Andrews site http://www.vispo.com/ lists several relational collaborative works operating in different language registers.

In an earlier e-mail Padin mentioned his use of a translation engine. Operating in multiple registers I am curious as well about this shift from orality to text. In an earlier thread I mentioned that time-based poetry rendered through flash or other on-line animation feels processed in the manner of the spoken word, retaining something of orality expressed in real time. Also relevant I think there is something about Bakhtin's notion of personification, or the "ascription of agency to inanimate ideas and objects."

How do multiple semiotic codes collaboratively imaged onto texts reflect authorship and the "grain de la voix" the grain of the voice? There are numerous
multilingual poetic maps posted on the webartery e-group. Jorge Luiz, can you elaborate on the collaborative and interactive works involving Regina Celia Pinto and Fatima Lasay http://www.geocities.com/imaginero/poetry?


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