[-empyre-] Spams Trashes

Title: Spams Trashes
The "Museum of the essential and beyond that", by Celia Regina Pinto, has worked to launch the Clemente Padín's cd-rom: "The New Padin's Spams Trashes". We are pride of showing the complete artwork of these creative spams. You must browser:

Below a small part of the introduction of the Padín's cd, by Jorge Luiz  Antonio:

"One needs to be a great poet to look at the quotidian aspects of these  emails and change them into poetic messages. In fact the strangeness already  appears in the title. Spams Trashes. Is it poetry? Is it art?
It is in this clime of creation, thinking, irony and wanting for a better  world, that we can appreciate, in the order we want to start reading (the  digital poetry cd-rom allows us many entries and several readings), "The New  Millenium Virus", "Creating a Better World", "The New Martyrs", among  others.
The work treats about the thinking of our present time, and it is a  manifestation against the repetition to prove that we need it in order to  establish the new, the unused, the unspeakable."

Clemente Padin: clepadin@adinet.com.uy

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