[-empyre-] Speech and the dynamic of the avatar

Welcome to mez and to the exploration of the idea of networked

> new classifications as yet defined
> via its monetary [dot.com] worth..........then again, the dot.com bust-up &
> corresponding commodification of both public & private communication
> potentials may have alt.ered this dynamic completely,

How do you see the dynamic altering completely....

 both in an artistic &
> functional sense [eg ppl employing avatars 4 spam|trolling|hidden
> persona|agenda laden] purposes........
Are there privacy destroying avatars and artistic avatars perhaps changing
places, so you are never sure, you never know how the communication is
really going, between human and human, or between avatar=human and
human-avatar...of course there was a utopian idea of the free exchange of
ideas on the net , a perestroika, a hopeful time....is that over now?
I am fascinated by the question of speech and truth in this context.

What constitutes frank speech?

Is such a thing possible?

Of course I believe it is or I wouldnot be writing this. Nonetheless
intriguing questions abound...

What implications are there for hypertext and fiction in the interface with
the ''reality' of networked communication, or is it rather, networked
performance gestures....

What is the word...logos...in a world of boundary free identity?


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