Re: [-empyre-]][r][aping-i.d.entities

Welcome to mez and to the exploration of the idea of networked

thx christina. yr use of the term _land.scapes_ makes me wonder...would the network equivalent b: _code.scapes_? _code.E.scapes? we should make a list:)

> new classifications as yet defined
> via its monetary [] worth..........then again, the bust-up &
> corresponding commodification of both public & private communication
> potentials may have alt.ered this dynamic completely,

How do you see the dynamic altering completely....

..... i still sense the presence of delicious pockets of potentiality in many elements of networked n.gagement, mostly by those groups/persons who seem keen 2 let meshwork [such as is present here] flower in2 something that may x.lipse the predicated, but also by those who n.hance everyday communicative f.forts 2 the x.tent that identity fragmentations can blend f.fortlessly in2 everyday usage [think of beefing up/down yr (weight|height)statistics during certain Messenger/ICQ/IRC/SMS encounters;)]........ & i'm not just referring 2 art niches, though this is fertile ground 4 various identity-masking|morphing practices such as the web_n.tity Integer is well known 4 [more about this soon].....x.pressive boffins such as these can use the innate _reality fudging_ function of the net in order 2 revamp or certain values traditionally loaded around physicality or egomorphic condition][ings][.......

.....the idea that this rich connectivity|x.tended communicative worth that ][has][ allowed 4 conceptualizations that bend identity & regulated intellectual & institutionalized territory "other"wards could b perceived as tainted, or altered (a more objective term:)) via the commodification|colonisation of the net through increased capitalistic mechanisms......virtual economic swellings thru the network (monetary ratings of data|bandwidth + pop-up, banneresque, heavily commercially laden swamp spam) seems 2 have reduced the potentiality|capacity 2 house open-ended formulations|x.perimentations without x.tensive regulation (x.ternally or n.ternally).........

[i'll attempt 2 address the rest of yr post in my next net.stretch, in the morning;)]

. . .... ..... collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt . . app][lick.ation][end.age

.... .               .???  .......

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