Re: [-empyre-] Speech and the dynamic of the avatar

> >What constitutes frank speech?
> >
> >Is such a thing possible?
> And does honesty depend on revealing your RL (flesh, state-accepted)
> >What is the a world of boundary free identity?
> We seem to think that the word needs to be tied to bodies to be valid.

i wonder how we see this now..?
the diembodied state  was a central part of femminist critique of virtual
space and identity in the 90's, which then just dropped off the theoretical
field of visiosn - but i also see critiques of online  embodiment ie the
genre of stereotyped online bodies, i e the silicone enghanced sexual
fantasy factor, being almost reactionary ..

of course we dont exist online without the flesh offline, unless you  follow
a more cybernetic tradition to get  rid of the body all together a l a -
Hans Moravac's Mind Children,  seamlessly uploading complete human
consciousness  from the brain into the computer matrix, un-altered from its
physical bodily state.  which of course assumes consciousness is located in
the brain.... which it isnt..

maybe the question is what string connects those sets of identies ?


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