Re: [-empyre-] Speech and the dynamic of the avatar

At 12:27 PM 4/09/2002 +1000, c + m wrote:
> >What constitutes frank speech?
> >
> >Is such a thing possible?
> And does honesty depend on revealing your RL (flesh, state-accepted)

....i suppose this depends on how _honesty_ is d.fined in this the equivalent reflection of a primary offline persona [ie the 1 that is defined in real-time as _ego_ in psychotherapeutic theories] ever really possible online? & if u choose 2 use this template as yr defining _channel_ (or voice), how does this m.pact on yr, & others, interactions?

> >What is the a world of boundary free identity?
> We seem to think that the word needs to be tied to bodies to be valid.

not all of us:) i still find it quirky receiving invites 2 join in geophysically defined events, 1s that demand physicality as a requirement 4 serious participation.........its as if 2 b online ][or not 2 b on.line;)][ can b quantified|qualified only by the grounding of it in a real-time, flesh(ed) if online x.istence is only legitimated if the physical awareness *b.hind* it is eventually revealed.....................

i wonder how much of this lies with][in][ the notions of community & evolutionary pacing....its difficult 2 fulfill, or even mimic, biologically-assigned drives [like reproduction & survival] online when those needs require profound immersion in physical + social states ......

of course we dont exist online without the flesh offline

..this hinge word 4 me here is _we_.......this relates back 2 the idea of x.tendible identity it possible 2 have an online personality facet that x.tends in tandem within a biologically-seated consciousness without having 2 reduce it 2 a manageable, _poor cousin_ of reality?

maybe the question is what string connects those sets of identies ?

u mean the elementary [manifest] off & online identity-sets, mel?,

. . .... ..... collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt . . app][lick.ation][end.age

.... .               .???  .......

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