Re: [-empyre-] alternate i.d.conceptions

hi all

..i'm really curious regarding sense orientation whilst occupying net-based worlds.....the transferral of sentience in[2] text-or-web.based domains via if its the product of collusive growth-patterns [eg thru consensual hallucinatory or simply assumed corporealities] or something else..........

'collusive growth patterns' has such an organic base to it.... what of biodiversity within this vast territory? and endangered species.... language use is more a ][crucial][ by-product of responding 2 data fluctuations swirling thru the niche of the net which i n.habit.....strands of reoccurring infomatics, or occurrences involving surrounding n.tities......the selection of incidents & stylistics vary according 2 which programmer languages|net.scripting formulas i'm manipulating|aping.... most ppl who r x.posed 2 these wurks don't have a clue about this underlying format|structure,

maybe u cd talk a bit more about this aspect of the practice, ie the formulas and languages -- and also about the point where they leave the field of authorship, the point where the netwurkers float off from having anything to do with u/mez -- if this is in fact at all really possible .. as they are based on 'your' text -- its cadences and patterns . do you often use other texts, random texts and has this latter aspect changed over time? relation 2 the i.d templates, they function more as cues regarding co(i)ntent than actual avatars [which is y i prefer 2 tag them _netwurkers_].........

in this sense they are what they say (they are)


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