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At 01:31 PM 3/09/2002 -0400, katherine wrote:

i've been fairly obsessed with the idea of identity construction in MOOs
for some time, playing with it on the level of programming, one layer
beneath the descriptions that jill is modifying. in MOOs, as opposed to
IRC's and the majority of MUDs, as a participant, you're given the
opportunity to hack the self, as it were.
you're represented not just by your textual description- which yes,
yields all kinds of opportunities for play and experimentation- but also
by a programmable object.

..this seems like a crucial distinction, k........._hacking the self_ as opposed 2 _constructing the self_ [though both overlap if we're referring 2 the original meaning of hacker]..........

my poor player-object has undergone all kinds of surgery- she's got a
markov chain built in to her so that her/my utterances are not always
subject to my complete control. a tourette's sin.drone?;)

this is the type of anima-manipulation that is so loss of control [though fully engineered by it] can, in turn, subsequently effect the reality-based principal comptroller, so 2 type..............did u find any carry-ovas, k?

in another frankenstein fit, i grafted a room object onto another
character of mine- creating a grotesque hybrid player-room. i sincerely
thought the MOO would explode when i built some exits off of myself and
then proceeded to enter myself. what resulted was this insane recursion,
not unlike the scene in being john malkovich when malkovich also enters
himself. i can't think about that one too long. i get seriously wiggly.

heh, well that's cleared up the qs above, then:)

.....seriously, though, in that _grotesque hybrid player-room_ [& i must admit i visualize it in a cronenberg image-light, s.pecially _fused_ (bad pun) with notions of his remake of the movie _The Fly_, where the end product of an abortive teleportation x.periments results in a weird interbreed of (mechanical) teleporter parts, scientist & fly] this melding of architectural interface & player identity must have produced amazing results, s.pecially in terms of the resulting consciousness...[as wiggy as it mite b:)]..i have visions of subconscious repressions becoming actual via streams of dreamlogic mediated via a splicing with the architectural modifiers + conflicting primary -ego- looping..........[i do have a tendency 2wards the melo.dramatic when getting visual;)]

did u let the chinese-box-n.corp|mirror-room identity-warping m.pact on any consciousness formation that the MOO had previously developed? or is this stretching wot i glean 2 b a thorough m.mersive potential via a MOO, with [endless] object|programming manipulations?

to bring this back to mez's linguistic hacking (is it fair to call it

sure! call it wot u like.

- i see these as related activities- experimenting with the
represented self on the level of linguistics codes.

absolutely, k.


[was going 2 sign off as "katherine" here, but calling myself jill in my last post didn't get any reaction, so i've refrained:0)]

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