maybe the question is what string connects those sets of identies ?

memory is one string, both embodied and disembodied memories,
as unreliable as bodies and words.
we recognise ourselves in old photos that
bear little physical resemblance to our current state of being.
and then again:'I didn't recognise you, is that really you?'.
 alzheimer sufferers lose their current identities along with their memories and
still retain body memories that trace and retrace these lost identities.
re-reading the Palace rehearsal log from a
rehearsal of Avatar Body Collision in march this year, I have trouble finding myself
in the dialogue because we've all called ourselves something that ends in 'rique'
and we're riffing and punning in the argot of that particular session .
finally I find a thread in the banter that connects this person/text to me.
reading academic papers made up of a patchwork of quotations
I wonder 'who is actually talking here?'.


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