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memory is one string, both embodied and disembodied memories,
as unreliable as bodies and words. do we feel about attribution of ownership in regards 2 mem(e)ories?........ when chewing the fat with old friends or various family members [i come from a family containing 7 children who r now adults with add.ons of their own, so i have a lot 2 choose from:)] who sometime have radically differing memories of events, its strange 2 consider these differences in light of personality|identity & how much our individual deviations stain the recall of the so-called objective (or factual, if there is such a thing).........

[that probably has nothing at all 2 do with net related|relevant stuff, so apologies if i'm getting all off- topic].

we recognise ourselves in old photos that
bear little physical resemblance to our current state of being.
and then again:'I didn't recognise you, is that really you?'.

how do memories operate in a net.niche? do online observations of//interactions with shadow-boxish entities act as adequate 4grounding in order 2 establish speculations/behavioural expectations/conclusions regarding their manifest identities? if my _real-time_ persona [based on my biological reality] appears largely transparent in terms of data sharing, is this any guarantee of overall predictability or consistency of b.haviour in the net, and *should* this b considered valid?

...........mebbe this x.plains y ppl find flame-baiter|trolling actions so n.trusive.........b.cause it breaks with the [largely] x.pository-based discourse method prevalent in email [that remains @ the clinical end of the communication|affectivity spectrum]....

this may also x.plain the reactions that artists|b.ings such NN [or even i have been known 2] provoke......

alzheimer sufferers lose their current identities along with their memories and
still retain body memories that trace and retrace these lost identities.

....i find watching pre-parkinson's footage of michael j fox so fascinating, as u realise that those idiosyncratic body-gestures may not b so idiosyncratic after all, but precursors of the onset of a condition that is basically physical identity-notation|body language parsing gone awry.....

....this [in contrast 2 alzheimers] must m.pact on identity formulation from the biological [shell] upwards.......

re-reading the Palace rehearsal log from a
rehearsal of Avatar Body Collision in march this year, I have trouble finding myself
in the dialogue because we've all called ourselves something that ends in 'rique'
and we're riffing and punning in the argot of that particular session .

w o w, thats great. do u have a URL 4 the log?

finally I find a thread in the banter that connects this person/text to me.
reading academic papers made up of a patchwork of quotations
I wonder 'who is actually talking here?'.

yup, great question...where is the identity|online-floating persona placed in relation 2 the more rigorous end of academic discourse, & do we increasingly ratify this rigidity as the default setting in regimented online communication attempts?


. . .... ..... collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt . . app][lick.ation][end.age

.... .               .???  .......

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