Re: [-empyre-] COLLISION SINGS

K+M wrote
> >memory is one string, both embodied and disembodied memories,
> >as unreliable as bodies and words.
> do we feel about attribution of ownership in regards 2
> mem(e)ories?........

i also think there is an energetic line that binds them..  a sticky virtual
protein string,  maybe its somehow enmeshed in the electrical energetic
bursts  thata make my computer screen and the web happen... also i truely
believe i have gene memories.. memories and familiaraties that have nothing
to do with my conscious lived experience on or offline.. (um and i DONT mean
new age past-lives..i mean memory that is physically encoded) so im
wondering about memory that is physically encoded in web personalities..?
our memory of them their memories of themselves..

 ....i find watching pre-parkinson's footage of michael j fox so
> fascinating, as u realise that those idiosyncratic body-gestures may not b
> so idiosyncratic after all, but precursors of the onset of a condition
> is basically physical identity-notation|body language parsing gone

yes i sat with a great aunt after a stroke and she made the most amazing
poetic dada surreal sentance constructions.. like you could really see/hear
the  hardwire errors of consciouss commiunication at work building another
langauage which made complete sense to her but no one else untill you
stsrted to decode it..

.> >finally I find a thread in the banter that connects this person/text to
> >reading academic papers made up of a patchwork of quotations
> >I wonder 'who is actually talking here?'.

yeah but we are all just amalgums each time we speak anyway.. the
referenceing thing just make sit more formal.. nothing ive written here is
original..its all just rehashed thoughts and texts from someone else that
i've consumed  over time and regurgitated in my own mix..
i keep getting back to the idea that nothing is original ..there is no
newness in the world.. just recycling of finite parts..


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