[-empyre-] CODeDOC

I apologize in advance for the 'announcement' but it directly relates to
previous discussions on the list re 'text and image' -- it's meant as a
footnote for all those interested in the topic...

An online exhibition 
at the Whitney Museum's artport 

Participating artists: Sawad Brooks, Mary Flanagan, Alex Galloway, John
Klima, Golan Levin, Kevin McCoy, Mark Napier, Brad Paley, Scott Snibbe,
Camille Utterback, Martin Wattenberg, Maciej Wisniewski 

CODeDOC takes a reverse look at 'software art' projects by focusing on and
comparing the 'back end' of the code that drives the artwork's 'front
end'--the result of the code, be it visuals or a more abstract communication
process. A dozen artists coded a specific assignment in a language of their
choice and were asked to exchange the code with each other for comments. The
results of the programming are made visible only after the code--what
visitors to this site encounter first is a text document of code from which
they can launch the front end of the project. CODeDOC is an endeavor to take
a closer look at the process of this particular artistic practice, and to
raise questions about the parameters of artistic creation. 


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