Re: [-empyre-] Introducing Methodicist Manifesto

Dear empyre participants,

First I say thank you to the admin for introducing me so nice. 
Now I am very glad to participate in this on-line talking.

I want to talk about the (First) Methodicist Manifesto, which you can 
see at 

In Japan, people often say that this manifesto is rather difficult. I 
think so too, yes, it is rather difficult even for me.  One of the 
reasons is maybe that this manifesto is not matching to today's usual 
sayings which are against modernism.  On the contrary it is for the 
modernism.  ... Is this argument still too abstract?  OK, I have 
already written "Q & A" on my email bulletin at
(See "Methodicism Q & A," one of the members' manuscripts.)

If you have more questions about it, let me hear and let's discuss 
together.  I want to know how do you think about this manifesto, 
out of Japan.

BTW, these are my works:


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