Re: [-empyre-] Method Manifest

Dear Ben,
Thank you for the questions and the interests.

> Hideki how did you come to change your direction from being a multimedia 
> artist to a pure artist. did you experience the techno overload 
> that drives many of us to seek simplicity.  

Yes, I experienced the techno overload (? :-) but this is small problem.
The larger problem is that I became to consider about the authority 
which undertake the whole art history and even the aethics of human 

also why do you claim 
> this is pure art - surely it is a re-visitation on minimalism with 
> mathematical placements of objects, low bit colour, or even to stretch 
> it further back to the spiritualism that prevailed in western painting in the late 19th century .

I think our method art has two aspects.
One is the re-visitation on modernist art including minimalism.
The other is anti formalism, minimalism was one of it.
I think the twentieth centuries' modernism was only the formalism.
If you put letters on the plane, it comes poem.
But I put letters AS bitmap pixels to make PAINTINGS. 
This is reductionism (= modermnism in this meaning), which discard
physiological color, and I believe this is the PAINTING, but from
formalistic point of view it is not painting, just poem.
So I need new type of reductionist art.  That was the Method.
If you have time please read my manuscript "Signs Instead of Color Dots"

BTW I want to deny mysteries and spiritualism. 
But I know also we cannot discard them completely...this is our dilemma.


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