Re: [-empyre-] Method Manifest

At 1603 20020920, Josephine Bosma wrote:
> Wow, this is becoming a frightening discussion:
> "ben .w" wrote:
> > Hideki how did you come to change your direction from being a multimedia
> > artist to a pure artist. did you experience the techno overload
> > that drives many of us to seek simplicity.  also why do you claim
> > this is pure art 
> I remember a discussion in Berlin a few years ago, where Karl Heinz
> Jeron from became very angry because somebody used the term
> 'pure'. Purity, especially in a German context of course, has a
> rather uncanny feel to it when used to distinguish anything else but
> alcohol or gold. 

Realy?  I did not know...
Then what is another word for "pure art" especially in a German context?
I used this word from the below recognition:
-- pure art v.s. commercial art (like illustration)
-- pure art v.s. composite art (like dramatic art)


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